As Washington County continues to change and grow, it is important that the transportation system meets the needs of all community members into the future.

An adequate multi-modal transportation system is key to maintaining Washington County's thriving economy and wonderful quality of life. Over the past decades, the state, region, county and its cities have invested significant resources to provide new and expanded transportation facilities and services—including roads and highways, transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

Even with these significant investments, our transportation system has been pushed to its limits and is forecast to get worse, even with planned investments.

Now is the right time to evaluate long-term transportation strategies and investments needed to sustain the county's economic health and quality of life for the coming decades.

The Washington County Transportation Futures Study identified alternative transportation investments and evaluated how well they might address our future challenges in meeting mobility, connectivity, safety, efficiency, health, equity, and other values important to the community. This forward-looking study advanced through a five phase process. The conclusions of the Study will help county residents, businesses and elected officials find areas of agreement and set transportation priorities for further evaluation and refinement.

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Final Report Now Available

Posted: Wednesday, February 22

The Washington County Transportation Futures Study Final Report is now available for download.

Key Study products include:

Supporting documents include: