Project Overview

The I-5 Medford Viaduct Planning and Environmental Study will look at the safety, operational, and structural needs of Interstate-5 in the City of Medford between the North and South Medford interchanges, which includes the 3,200-foot viaduct that was built in 1962 and crosses Bear Creek and several local streets.

Project Phases

This study will occur in two phases:

Phase 1 is a Planning process that will identify the specific near- and long-term problems with the Viaduct and the local street network and identify potential solutions through:

  • Obtaining feedback from project stakeholders and the public regarding potential Viaduct problems and solutions
  • Evaluating existing and future safety, operational, and seismic conditions of this section of I-5
  • Developing a Problem Statement that will guide the development and evaluation of various solutions.
  • Identifying solution(s) to carry forward into NEPA process for further detailed evaluation.

Phase 2 is the NEPA process that will evaluate the solution(s) from Phase 1 in more detail to determine the environmental impacts of potential solutions. This is required in order to obtain federal funding for construction of improvements and will include the following steps.

  • Confirming the Purpose and Need of the Project
  • Developing design options within the promising solutions to minimize environmental impacts
  • Evaluating the environmental impacts of potential solutions
  • Selecting a solution for addressing the Project’s Purpose and Need

Following the completion of Phases 1 and 2, the necessary funding will be obtained to implement the Preferred Design Option Solution.


  • Scenarios: Categories of alternatives to address the Problem Statement.
  • Alternatives: Different approaches within Scenarios to address the Problem Statement.
  • Design Options: Different approaches within Alternatives to addess design details.

Conceptual Scenarios

Retrofit IconRebuild IconReroute IconRedistribute
Retrofit: Improve the existing viaduct structure to meet current seismic standards.Rebuild: Construct a new facility along the existing alignment to meet the current seismic standards AND provide operational and safety improvements for I-5 through Medford.Reroute: Realign I-5 through Medford to eliminate the need for the existing viaduct structure.
Redistribute: Provide alternative options through increased local street connectivity and multi-modal alternatives.

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