Clackamas County is conducting a two-phase project to increase transportation options, safety and accessibility, while supporting increased economic and job growth throughout the County.

Phase 1: Clackamas Regional Center Connections Project

The first phase is complete. This phase focused on alleviating transportation safety and efficiency challenges in the Clackamas Regional Center (CRC) and making it easier and safer for people get around by biking, walking, driving, or by bus or light rail.

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Phase 2: Transportation System Development Charge Update

The project is currently in the second phase (Transportation System Development Charge Update), which focuses on updating the transportation system development charges in all of unincorporated Clackamas County and Happy Valley.

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Latest News

Transportation System Development Charge Update has begun

Posted: Wednesday, March 2

In December 2016, Clackamas County and the City of Happy Valley began the process of updating Transportation System Develop Charges. TSDCs are one-time fees assessed when a developer applies for a permit to create a new development or redevelop an existing property. These fees are used to pay for needed improvements to the transportation system caused by the additional traffic estimated to be created by the new development. See the fact sheet (pdf, 123kb) for more information.

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